Case Studies

Beacon Group Services

Wellington Place, Leeds

Wellington Place is located in the centre of Leeds, the region’s business, financial and social capital and will be one of the biggest and most prestigious new city centre business quarters in Europe.

Currently there are 4 buildings housing 1570 members of staff. From the first building completion in 2006 Beacon Group Services have been responsible for the facilities services and currently employs 25 facilities staff across all of the completed offices delivering numerous facilities services. The delivery solution combines self-delivery and the management of third party suppliers.

Due to the relationship we have with the management on site we have actively increased our portfolio of cleaning customers on site as we get introduced to them as part of the services provided to any new tenant moving in.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Jim Harris, Buildings Manager for Wellington Place, scored Beacon Group Services as a 10 in terms of recommending us to a friend or colleague.

Evans Property Group, Minerva House, Leeds

The recently awarded Minerva House contract which commenced in May has already been commended for the high level of cleaning standards at the Leeds based offices. So much so that Beacon Group Services have recently been awarded the contract at their sister offices.

Through their enthusiam and an already excellent partnership with the building manager, Beacon Group Services are ideally placed to continue to deliver a quality service to Evans and their staff.

Karen O'Donnell, the building manager can be contacted for a reference on 0113 391 2955.

Emerald Group Publishing

Beacon Group Services have been providing cleaning and services to Emerald Group Publishing since 1999, starting at their offices in Bradford and moving with them into their purpose built offices in Bingley in 2007. In 2010 they built a second building and are currrently building a third office within their site.

The security contact was awarded to Beacon Group Services in 2003. This consists of two dedicated full time security officers and continues to be successful.